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In the annual crops the primordial initiation of the female flowers of coconut takes place 6–7 months before opening the spathe. Thus the nut that is harvested during summer was the result of primordial initiation of the female flowers which occurred during the favorable rainy season, while those nuts produced during the rainy season were initiated during the summer months. Hence usually summer harvest is better

A mean annual temperature of 27°C is best for vigorous growth and good yield. The yield reduces when mean temperature falls below 21°C. High temperature may cause the developing inflorescences to dry up, and limit production during those months in the year.

Yes! In fact there is a number of health benefits for pets who drink Coconut Water. Some of the benefits include fighting viruses, protection from infections, boosting the immune system and more. Your dog can also eat our cold-pressed coconut oil.

Our Coconut Water does not contain fat, cholesterol, additives or preservatives, in fact, our Coconut Water is also gluten-free and totally unsweetened, meaning you’re paying for pure, fresh coconut water!

We, in fact, have a growing number of followers on our official Facebook page and Instagram account our handle is /jtscoconutessence for both Facebook and Instagram. Follow us for updates, exclusive sales, and giveaways.

See individual product labels for specifics but in short yes approvals such as:USFDA Approved HACCP approved ISO 9001 Compliant Halal Certified GMP Approved Kosher Approved

Coconut Water is not Coconut Milk. Typically coconut milk is a thick white liquid made from grinding coconut meat and diluting it with water. Coconut water is the clear refreshing liquid extracted from young green coconuts that have not reached maturity (around 6 months of age). Coconut water is actually sterile, as water permeates through the filtering husk. Though different in nature, both coconut water and coconut milk are jam packed full of nutrients.

Our coconut water is safe for use by expecting mothers and in fact many doctors encourage its use. Coconut water contains high levels of lauric acid, which is what the body uses to make monolaurin, a disease fighting fatty acid derivative. Lauric acid has antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties that protect the body against various infections and also boost the immune system.

Drinking pure coconut water has been discovered to give benefits in the area of helping you shed unwanted weight by increasing your metabolic rate. Tropical cultures know all about the weight-loss benefits, as well as other benefits of pure coconut water because they have been using it for centuries.

Our coconut water has nothing added to it and it is totally unsweetened. It comes 100% from young green coconuts and is as pure as nature intended it to be.

Coconut and Coconut products do not contain any gluten.

The coconut palm (Cocos nucifera) grew originally on the sea beaches of the Pacific Islands but its exact home is uncertain. The nut was spread by the sea as its fruit is encased in a tough leathery coat filled with coir fibre which gives the fruit bouyancy. The coconut became widely scattered throughout the tropical coastal environments of the world.The plants are valuable for food, thatch, coir fibre, copra oil as well as various uses for the shell of the nut and the press-cake remaining after oil extraction.Whether coconuts are fruits, vegetables or nuts is not an easy question, because some of these words have a technical meaning as well as the meaning your granny would expect.To a botanist, a fruit is “the product of a fertilised ovary”.My dictionary tells me that a vegetable is just a plant which is eaten (either whole or in part) by humans.To a botanist, a nut is a “dry, indehiscent, single-seeded fruit with a hard woody wall”.Now, when I read the information in another record I find that the whole coconut including the outer coir fiber coating is a “fruit”. The coir fiber (which is removed where the coconuts grow before being shipped to our shops) is the ovary wall.I wouldn’t call it a vegetable, but it does fit the dictionary definition.I guess that the object you buy in the shops (or win at a fairground) is not quite a typical “nut”, because the “wall” is the original coir fiber, but I don’t think many people would dare to contradict you if you called it a nut. Technically, you could call the coconut (as sold in shops) a “seed” – but you will see that even the experts in are not sure where the “testa” or seed coat is!

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